15 May 2006

I got it !


Finally I bought the MP3 Player cum USB drive (1 GB)

Here are snaps of it and a few of d features !!

Features: [ online link ]

- Supports media in MP3, WMA, WAV format
- 1 GB Space
- Can be used as a USB Flash drive
- FM Radio [Save upto 20 Channels]
- Digital Voice Recorder
- Direct Record from FM

Specifcation :

Size (LxWxH) : 57mm x 57mm x 14mm
Music Formats : MP3 and WMA
Recording Format : ADPCM (WAV)
Compression Rates : 32Kbps-320Kbps
Weight : 36g (without battery)
USB Port : Mini USB Port
Display : Color OLED

09 May 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Beta available for download

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2: New features for security

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is now available.
The browser provides new and more powerful security features
to help protect your computer from viruses and spyware, and
also displays warnings when your personal information might
be at risk.

Learn about the new security features in this latest version.

02 May 2006

ONLamp.com -- Why PHP 5 Rocks!

ONLamp.com -- Why PHP 5 Rocks!

7 Reasons why PHP5 Rocks!

1. Support for Object Oriente Programming
2. Completely Rewritten MySQL Extension
3. Interoperable XML Tools
4. Embedded Database with SQLite
5. Cleaner Error Handler with Exceptions
6. SOAP Implementation
7. Iterators

Go to the above Link on www.onlamp.com for details.

01 May 2006

Get Mails on Gmail as RSS Feeds

It's yet another distinguish feature from GMail.
You can check your mails on GMail as RSS Feeds.

Just Provide The Following link as the source:


You may have to enter Username and Password or Just Save it in your RSS Feed Reader.

I used Mozila Thunderbird (My Mail Client) to test this

Go to News and Blogs
Create a New Folder for GMail
Right Click News and Blogs > Manage Subscriptions...
Enter Feed URL : https://mail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom
Select the Folder Name where u wanna save the GMail Feeds

It will test the URL once. Enter the username
Thats it !