28 April 2009

Let your mind drift for a few moments

I had visited Narmad Library at my hometown Surat.

While I was searching for books regarding body language analysis, came across a book of some other topic (I forgot to note down the book name).

I really loved a paragraph in the book, which is about taking time for yourself from your everyday busy schedule.

I'm sharing the paragraph with all of you.

Let your mind drift for a few moments

Every so often, during your day, make sure you take a minute to look at the sky,
breathe deeply, and watch the clouds.
Watch fish in an aquarium.
Go to a pretty spot in nature and watch the light move through the trees or
the wind move the grass.
At night take some time to look at the moon and stars and to breate the night air.
Rock in a rocking chair, lie in a hammock, swing on a swing, or hang on a chinning bar.

Let go. Let yourself Be.

I'm back

It's been such a long time I've been away from blogging here.
The reason being
- Work
- Personal Website (http://www.viralpatel.info/blog)
- Boredom
- Laziness

I've decided to get active again and start posting every once in a while I get time and topic to share something.

Hope that I'll keep my words that's said in the title of the post.