30 November 2007

Tumse Hi Din hota he Lyrics (Jab We Met)

Song : Tumse Hi
Movie : Jab We Met - 2007
Singer : (K.K.)

na he ye pana , na khona hi he ,
tera na hona jane , kyu hona hi he ...

tumse hi din hota he, surmai sham aati he, tumse hi ,
tumse hi har ghadi sans aati he, zindagi kehlati he , tumse hi tumse hi

na he ye pana , na khona hi he , tera na hona jane , kyu hona hi he ...

aankhon me aankhe teri, bahon me bahe teri, mera na mujme kuch raha , hua kya ..
baton me bate teri , rate saugate teri, kyu tera sab ye ho gaya , hua kya ..
main kahi bhi jata hu , tumse hi mil jata hu, tumse hi , tumse hi ..

shor me khamoshi he , thodi si behosi he, tumse hi , tumse hi ..
adha sa wada kabhi, adhe se zyada kabhi, ji chahe kar lu is tara , wafa ka

chode na chhoote kabhi, tode na tute kabhi , jo dhaga tumse jud gaya , wafa ka
me tera sarmaya hu , jo bhi me ban paya hu, tumse hi , tumse hi

raste mil jate he . manzile mil jati he , tumse hi , tumse hi
na he ye pana , na khona hi he ,tera na hona jane , kyu hona hi he ...

09 August 2007

Happy Friendship Day

Hey all ya Friends out there.

I know its quite late to wish Friendship day, but its better late than never ! :)

So here are my wishes to all my friends & blog readers

Have drafted a gazal by Pankaj Udhas...

Hope you like this !
Luv & Regards,

Nayi Nayi Bahar Se Miloge? Ek ajnabi ke sath tum chaloge ?
Bataoo...Bataoo...Bataoo Mere Humsafar Banoge ?

Basant rut ka taza zonka hu, Jawan dhadkano ka nagma hu (2)
Na jane kab se tanha tanha hu,
Kaho na .. Kaho naaa.. Kaho na mere sath khus rahoge ?

Tumhe jo maine dekha peheli baar, to dil ye bola tum ho mere yaar ! (2)
Tumhi ho wo tha jiska intezar,
Kya mere, Kya mere dil pe dastakhat karoge ?

Na jane kyu tum achche lagate ho, Ho ajanabi par apne lagate ho (2)
Haseen khwabo jaise lagate ho,
Dhadakte... Dhadakteeee...
Dhadakte dil ka tum yakeen karoge ?

All you who want to be friend, comment to this post !
_____\""\(* *)/""/________

29 July 2007

IIM admission criteria revealed - CAT + Academic Perfornance

IIM admission criteria was made public, because of a petition by Vaishnavi Kasturi, a visually challanged student.
Vaishnavi could not make it to the IIM Bangalore, even after high score in CAT. She filed petition under Right to Information Act (RTI) [pdf].

IIMs give only 20 per cent weightage to the score of CAT (Common Admission Test).
While 40 per cent weightage is given to the academic performance in Class X, XII and graduation scores.
35 per cent weightage is given to Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI).
Chartered accountants get 5 per cent weightage.

So, guys n gals dreaming of admission in IIMs start your prepation earliest, from class 10th itself.

Good Luck.

15 July 2007

Harry Potter : The Order of the Phoenix

The 5th movie of Harry Potter series released on July 11th after preponed from July 13.
It's "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix".
The movie was released in Surat (my home town) in Hindi as "Harry Potter aur Phoenix ki fauj".

I watched the both versions. No no its not that I liked it too much ;) !

So far the movie was good as far as animation, special effects and acting was concerned, But I personally felt it a little boring.

For the first time watchers of Harry Potter series, this movie was total time pass, but for those who were Harry Potter fans, the film is superb. The reason I found the film boring may be that I am not big fan of Harry Potter, though I liked the previous movies.

It was same story plot of fun in the beginning and much exciting and full of special effects climax with a hint of the next movie of the series.

This time the main attraction (??? ;)) was the character of Dolores Umbridge, especially her smile .. "hi hi" (J.K. Rowling describes as toad-like) !! Everyone hated her as she is always punishing the students and banned teaching the magic in school.

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie at Surat better than at Mumbai.
People were enjoying the movie with whistles and clapppings at Surat, while at Mumbai people enjoyed by sharing comments with neighbours only.

Well, let me stop here.
Ciao till next post.

10 June 2007

Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology (SCET)

This Video is dedicated to all the students who are studying or have studied in my AlmaMater, Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology aka SCET.

Ohh I forgot to mention all the students of computer department must see it because its especially for computer engineering department.

Do watch it & Feel Free to comment to the post !

Also, let's not forget to thanks the person whoever have worked to create the video.
I liked it so I am posting it to my blog !


06 May 2007

કંકોતરી -આસીમ રાંદેરી-Gujarati Gazal

મારી એ કલ્પના હતી કે વિસરી મને,
કિન્તુ એ માત્ર ભ્રમ હતો થઇ ખાતરી મને.

ભુલી વફાની રીત ન ભુલી જરી મને,
લ્યો એના લગ્નની મળી કંકોતરી મને…

For rest of the gazal ... visit the original post at


Web Based Instant Messengers

Hey Friends....

Ever miss your home where you were chatting late night with your friends, while messengers are banned in your offices now !!???

Check this out then...

Here is the list of online web based instant messengers to let you chat with your friends online & without having to use the messenger applications. Just type-in the following url into your browser and here you are.. ONLINE :)

Yahoo [NEW]

Yahoo just launched it's official web based messenger.
They allow you to login invisibly from browser also... which is not availble in Gtalk (web/application).


Older Version:

Google Talk Gadget

The chat from Gmail is blocked !!?? Dont worry use TalkGadget from Google until it's blocked too :)



Web messenger from MSN.





Watch Out for more...

Also add comments if you know any such websites...

Njoy IMing...


14 February 2007

Happy Valentine Day

Wish all my blog visitors a Very Happy & Romantic Valentine Day !

Enjoy Your Day with Your Special One !

Keep :)

Send this eCard !

13 February 2007

Ek Anek Aur Ekta Video

Very old but too Good Advertisement from Doordarshan about Unity.
"Ek Anek Aur Ekta" ...

My particular favourite lines are ...
"Ho Gaye Ek,
Ban Gayi Takat,
Ban Gayi Himmat!"

17 January 2007

Yahoo!'s Mail Subject Suggestions

Hey people !

M back after long time with such an interesting Post !!

Yahoo's New Idea !

"Dont have any subject ? Yahoo will suggest you a subject for your mails!"

If you've got the new Yahoo! beta interface by now then you can use / test this facility !

Its simple, just go to Compose Mail,
Now Click on "Subject :" button* !
Yes its a button !

Just keep clickin the button & See the Subject changing !

Even if you are not going to use those subject lines...
Atleast you get make fun out of it for a while when u r feeling boring on net !

Here are a few snapshots of the subjects I got to read !

First few snaps are full to make u sure of this is Yahoo! suggested Subjects & not from my brain ! :)

"Chandu ki Chachi ne Chandu ki Chaha Ko..."

"Kya bolthe ho seth"

"I don't know and I don't care and that's why they put me in charge"

"Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tab thak rahega Bihar mein Laloo! oops!"

"Save time. See it my way!"

"Kuch lethe kyon nahi"

"If you don't tell lies, at least you don't have to remember what you have said."

"Pinky aunty kuch zyaada hi pink..." ha ha ha ... damn funny !!"


"Mein tumhare bachche ki maa banne wali hu" .... He he he .. Wittiest !

"For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism"

"re: please don't call me a chinchilla"

"Sorry I missed you. Stand still next time"

"I'm NOT fat...that's my money belt"

If you find anything cool, post it as a comment !!
No offence please !!!